Turntable Trouble

So this is my first smol.pub post, pretty exciting. This actually just happened about an hour ago. Definitely not the most action-packed and twist filled adventure but I just felt like recording it someplace because why not.

So my dad and I found his old record player downstairs back from when he was a kid in the early 70's, but it was broken. The entire turntable was stuck, a common problem with this kind of turntable (the most common kind in the 70's). This problem with the lubricant hardening was so common that it was given the affectionate nickname of "gluebricant."

So me and my dad try to open and fix it after a couple hours of research, but we found it way too hard and the tools and precision to fix it were a bit too much for my 0 hours of experience in music player repair. Since we're the lazy type, we wait about a week before we drive it over half an hour to the closest retro music repair place we could find, and they said they could fix it, but there would be a 3 month wait 'cause of the pandemic.

Fast forward to a week ago (2.5 months in the future) and we get a call, and they said that everything works perfectly now and we could come over any time to pick it up. As, once again, we're lazy, we go over a week later (today) to go and pick it up, we get there; no problems.

So we bring it home, set it up, and get it started on the radio setting. It works perfectly, and I'm really surprised at the audio quality of the speakers, since they're from the 70's too and I guess I thought good audio quality just didn't exist then (I've got no experience with anything from around that time, I just think it's cool). When we try to put some of his old record on there, we have a bit of troubles but we get it to work, albeit the turntable spun a bit slower than it should have. Over time I think the speed is getting better, and hearing it play in the background now sounds better than it did when we started, so that's always a good sign (Yeah this literally just happened).

Thanks for reading this to whoever did, and I'll try to keep you guys updated on whatever other mundane stuff happens in my life. See you all later.

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